Our Offer


Our extensive offer includes modern aluminium doors and windows. Our facade systems guarantee high quality of the structure, while properly selected glass, meeting the requirements of the investors, ensures very good thermal insulating capacity. As a result, our doors and windows are suitable, among others, for public utility buildings. Proper selection of solutions also enables installation of indoor partition walls.


Aluminium Plus produces aluminium and glass post and beam facades, semi-structural facades, point  facades installed on ball-and-socket joints and facades with fire resistance class from EI30 up to EI120. The scope of offered works also includes aluminium and glass structures parts installed on steel frames, e.g. skylights, roofings. Additionally, we manufacture and install LINIT type facades (i.e. spatial glass panels installed on steel frames).

Great capabilities of ALUMINIUM PLUS make it possible for us to manufacture such products as:


  • stainless steel, balardo and glass railing systems

  • aluminium blinds on steel frames

  • facade blinds, roller blinds, awnings

  • sliding, revolving, swing and accordion doors

  • serving hatches

  • facade letters

  • smoke vents

  • along with all accessories and fittings.


The extensive offer of ALUMINIUM PLUS solutions allows us to build facades meeting the requirements and needs of the investor.